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Anchor tattoos on the ankle: collection of designs

Anchor tattoos are very popular. Moreover, I would dare say without fear of mistaken that they are at the top of the most sought-after designs in tattoo studios in Spain. Many people bet on this nautical object to capture it in their body due to the beautiful meaning and symbolism they represent. And although in Tattooantes we have dedicated a few articles to talk about them, this time we want to focus the spotlight on anchor tattoos on the ankle . An ideal place for them.

If you are thinking of tattooing an anchor but want a design that is discreet, small and goes unnoticed, the truth is that the ankle is a perfect part of the body to capture it. However, keep in mind that in hot season or when you go to the beach it will be hopelessly visible. If you don’t mind that during the summer they see that you have an anchor tattooed on one of your ankles, it’s a good choice.

This component of discretion and elegance has made anchor tattoos on the ankle especially popular with women. A simple design, with a thin and very little loaded design also helps to convey a certain sensual air. Just take a look at the gallery of anchors tattoos on the ankle that accompanies this article to see some examples.

As for the meaning of anchor tattoos, this is something we have already discussed before although it is good to remember that they represent stability and balance. It is also associated with the new beginnings. An anchor is a tattoo that many couples make because it indicates the deep love that two people feel between them. The anchor reveals that we have been able to face all kinds of storms in life and emerge victorious before vital problems.

Photos of Anchors on the Ankle Tattoos

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