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Butterflies and stars tattoos


Butterflies is one of the most common and popular designs in the tattoo world. Although it is a female tattoo, there are men who also opt for butterflies when it comes to getting a tattoo.

Butterflies can mean a lot of things, from the person’s own beauty to the fact that there is life after death.

Meaning of butterfly tattoo

The symbolism of the butterfly is quite important in the world of tattoo. There are many cultures that give enough importance to an element of nature such as the butterfly. In oriental culture, a butterfly is synonymous with beauty and femininity. For the Christian religion, the butterfly is seen as an element that is able to escape from the body and fly freely. In the case of Greek culture, the butterfly had the meaning of guiding the soul into the sky.

As you can see, the religious symbolism that the butterfly has is very important. This makes that apart from being a feminine design, many men choose the butterfly when it comes to symbolizing the passage of the soul to heaven and to new life.


The tattoo of butterflies and stars

The tattoo of a Butterfly accompanied by stars is one of the most popular there. This is a pretty colourful and colorful design that reflects very well on the skin.

When a person seeks this type of design, he pursues the symbolization of the soul and to highlight a cheerful, positive and independent personality. These are women or men who yearn with all their desire to be free and enjoy a new life full of happiness and good times.

The butterfly can represent the soul and spirit and the stars the new life full of happiness and autonomy. These are tattoos made with very vivid and colorful colors that indicate the happiness of the person in question.

As for the area of the body advised for such tattoos, professionals recommend the upper back, ankles or lower leg or forearm. Being a very eye-catching tattoo that looks perfectly, these parts of the body are perfect for it.

As for the design, you can opt for a multitude of tattoos of all kinds. It is a kind of tattoo that is full of symbolism and meaning but also prima the visual.

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