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Butterfly tattoos on your wrist, let your imagination fly with these designs!

There are many articles that we have dedicated in Tattooantes to talk about butterfly tattoos, their different aspects as well as to explain what their meaning is. However, until now, we had never focused on butterfly tattoos on the wrist. And it is that this part of the arm is very popular when it comes to decant on a certain area of the body to get a tattoo.

Butterfly tattoos on the wrist are especially requested by the female audience. And is that in its vast majority of aspects, they allow to offer a certain elegant, delicate and even sensual air. Everything will depend on the style in which the tattoo is performed. In the gallery of butterflies tattoos on the wrist we have made you will find an important variety of designs to take ideas for your tattoo.

And what is its meaning? The truth is that, just as when we go into details about a certain place to get a tattoo in question, the meaning will not vary at all. The meaning of butterfly tattoos on the wrist is very deep. For Japanese culture the butterfly represents marital happiness and good luck within marriage.

On the other hand, if we take a look at the symbolism that the butterfly has for Christian culture, it is used to represent the soul that escapes its flesh and blood prison. In this article about the meaning of butterfly tattoos you will be able to know in depth what this small and beautiful insect symbolizes throughout his life suffering an important metamorphosis.

Photos of Butterflies on the Wrist Tattoos

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