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Consequences of tattoos on the eyes

tatuajes en los ojos

There are people who carry the art of tattoo more beyond the healthy or simply aesthetic and decide to get tattoos on the eyes. The eyes are a very delicate area of the human body and naturally it is very dangerous to get tattoos in this area. Tattoos on the eyes can have negative consequences on your health, so much even that it can even cause blindness to those people who decide to get such dangerous tattoos.

There are those who tattoo the eyelids and who also tattoos the eyeball to inject ink and that instead of looking white as is natural, it looks different color, such as black or electric blue. There are people who to achieve this effect use colored contact lenses, something much more suitable to avoid eye injuries permanently.

tatuajes en los ojos

It was Shannon Larratt was the first to get these kinds of tattoos and allowed a needle to puncture his eyes about 40 times until the white part of the eye was dyed electric blue. There were several more people who imitated the pioneer later to tattoo his eyes. The injection into the eyes is part of a medical treatment called cornea tattoo dedicated to patients who for medical reasons have lost shine in their corneas and regain the natural color of this organ.

tatuajes en los ojos

The consequences of tattooing eyes can be infections, partial or permanent damage to the eyes and even, the eye may stop producing the lubrication needed to be healthy. In addition, vision can be lost temporarily or permanently. As if that were not enough, subconjunctival hemorrhages can also occur, there may be a risk of transmission of diseases, irritations, inflammations and in more severe cases, eye loss.

tatuajes en los ojos

Before getting this kind of tattoo is better to think about the consequences before follow a simple fashion…

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