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Daith piercing, everything there is to know about this piercing

Daith Piercing

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The Daith piercing is a piercing that has become very popular in recent years, probably because of the fame it has gained as a solution against headache.

In this article we will answer the most common questions that may arise from this piercing to clear any questions.

What is the origin of the Daith?

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The Daith piercing was created by body modifier Erik Dakota and a client, who gave it this curious name. Daith comes from the Hebrew da’at, which means wisdom, because, according to the client, the modifier has to be very ready to know how to do the piercing.

Where is this piercing on?

It is put on the cartilage further inside the ear, the “hem” we have just above the entrance.

Does it hurt a lot?

Being in an area with cartilage, harder than the flesh of the earlobe, for example, this piercing is somewhat painful. Most describe pain as a dull and constant discomfort, although it does not hurt to remember that everyone has a different tolerance to pain, so each experience is different.

What do I have to do after I pierce my ear?

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Care for this piercing is not far from any other. The main thing is to prevent it from becoming infected by keeping it clean and avoiding touching it. Also, it is important to be careful with some accessories (such as hats, headbands and the like) that could unintentionally tear off your piercing.

Does it work against the headache?

One of the reasons why Daith piercing is so popular is because it is said to help with migraines, being one of the pressure points associated with acupuncture. However, the studies that have been carried out are inconclusive, so it seems that wearing this piercing would not affect migraines.

Are you wearing any Daith piercings? Tell us your experience by leaving us a comment!

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