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Dolphin tattoos on the ankle, collection of designs

Beautiful, beautiful and very eye-catching, so are dolphin tattoos. These stunning and charming marine animals have been protagonists in numerous stories of people who were once linked to the sea. That is why they have carved their own space in popular knowledge. As a tribute, we dedicate this article to the theme of dolphin tattoos on the ankle. This part of the leg is perfect for tattooing a dolphin.

Dolphin tattoos on the ankle are characterized by discreet yet elegant. Especially popular with the female audience, when a woman decides to capture a dolphin on one of her ankles should be, hopelessly, a small design, which makes it a tattoo that will go unnoticed, unless we opt for colorful design.

Even if the dolphin tattoo is colored and accompanied by some decorative elements such as a wave, the little space available to tattoo on the ankle makes it impossible to get a large tattoo. The only option in this case is to opt for a design that completely “embraces” the ankle by giving a full turn. In the gallery of dolphins tattoos on the ankle that accompanies this article you can take ideas for your next tattoo.

And what is its meaning? Dolphin tattoos on the ankle symbolize joy, happiness, intelligence and innocence. This animal is also associated with mother nature and the cycle of life. Even for certain cultures, the dolphin has always been a symbol of protection, since there are many accounts of sailors who have been protected by them until they reach the mainland.

Photos of Dolphins in the Ankle Tattoos

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