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Double tattoos: two halves for a single tattoo

Tatuaje jaula pájaro

Double tattoo with cage and bird (Fountain).

Double tattoos that combine with each other are an option of the most original and not seen every day. As against, it can be said that the design possibilities are somewhat limited and that will test your imagination .

In the designs for double tattoos , we find two great types: designs that, combined, make one or the designs that are combined by theme .

Two by one or one by two; but all original and different

Tatuaje doble etiquetas

Double tattoo with HTML tags (Source).

The first type of double tattoos we discussed, the tattoos that combined make a single design are the most popular choice of this type of tattoos. I’m sure you don’t find it rare designs like birds flying from one arm to another or a butterfly split in half. The more impressive the game and the more impressive design will be the final result !

Instead, we can get double tattoos that match by theme . In this case it will not be the same design split in two, but it will be a single theme tattooed on either side of your body. For example, thelove andhate tagsin the photo, an orange and a lemon… In short, they could be considered a different versionof couples tattoos.

Where can we get these double tattoos?

Tatuaje doble jaula pájaros

Double tattoo with more cages and birds.

Well, the answer is very simple: where you can have two halves that can come together and form a single design . So, there are few places where you can choose to have these double tattoos; mainly two, the upper limbs(such as hands or arms) and lower(such as feet or legs).

It should be remembered that, if we opt for a duplication of the design, the possibilities multiply. In this case, double tattoos can be seen in such cool places as the chest or shoulders .

Tatuaje doble alas

Double tattoo with wings (Fountain).

As you can see, double tattoos are very original and different. And you, do you have a tattoo like these?

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