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Earring on the ear for men, get inspired and decorate your ear!

Pendientes en la Oreja para Hombres

The Men’s ear earrings are of all kinds: gold, silver, platinum, horn, hoops, jewelies, huge, small… And they can be put on a lot of different parts of the ear: on the lobe, on the cartilage, on the tragus…

In this article we will see how we can take advantage of them from their appearance and their place.

The places where they can be hung

Pendientes en la Oreja para Hombres Dorado

The ear, this tiny place, actually has a thousand and one nooks and places from where to hang the earrings. Some places ask for smaller parts (such as the tragus or the inner part of the ear), while others accept all sorts of measurements (such as the lobe or cartilage of the upper ear, but without passing).

However, the most classic and emblematic place to place a slope is the lobe. Whether it’s a single piece located in the center, with a string of earrings that line the ear or even with a tunnel or stopper, this fleshy area of the ear gives a lot of play… as well as being one of the least painful where to tattooed.

For tastes, earrings!

Pendientes en la Oreja para Hombres Cuadros

The Earrings models with which you can decorate your ears are also a lot. For the most flirty, a gold ring or a piece with a set of jewellery can look great and very discreet. For the most daring, larger earrings can look great, although be careful with passing or the effect can be something horterous…

In addition, the men’s in-ear earrings can not only be made of metal, but you can choose many other materials . For example, plastic or bone, giving your ear a different touch.

Tell us if you are wearing earrings on your ear for men and what they arelike, leave us a comment!

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