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Facial tattoos: a bit of history

Tatuajes faciales

Considered taboo in Western culture, facial tattoos are, of course, one of the most controversial tattoos you can have. However, there have been and there are cultures in which this type of art is not seen in the same way.

In this article we will see what happens with facial tattoos in different cultures around the world and the origin of taboo in the West.

Facial tattoos in Maori and the Nomlaki

Tatuajes faciales maorí

Although there are many cultures where facial tattoos are a tradition and, of course, are not related to no taboo, in this article we will highlight two, Maori and Nomlaki.

The Maori, inhabitants of New Zealand, have a very rich tradition of facial tattoos. Men, for example, used to wear custom tattoos with intricate spiral designs, while women simply tattooed their chin. These tattoos showed the pride of their bearers for their ancestors and were made by cutting the skin and adding ink to the wound.

The Nomlaki, a Carolina tribe, is so passionate about their tattoo artists that they even form a secret society, so secret that if its members unveiled some of their secrets, they risk being killed. Nomlaki tattoos were common among men and women and also consisted of a series of cuts, especially with designs that went from chin to bottom.

The origin of taboo in these tattoos

Tatuajes faciales Nueva Zelanda

Related to criminals and bad life in general, facial tattoos are a symbol quite taboo in the West, although lately much more accepted, as we will see below.

The origin of this taboo seems to be found in the 1980s, when it became a common practice among criminals, who tattooed areas such as the face or neck to be very intimidating. However, as we mentioned, these types of tattoos are becoming increasingly popular and accepted thanks to various reasons, such as the fact that cultures such as hip hop are becoming increasingly popular or society’s overture regarding tattoos in general.

The history of facial tattoos is exciting, isn’t it? Tell us, do you have a tattoo like these? Would you like to get one? Remember that you can tell us everything you want, to do it you just have to leave us a comment!

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