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Glow in the Dark Piercing

Because it’s not just thinking about getting a piercing and choosing where we’ll take it. There are also many options we have in the type of piercing. Although its forms can be very different from each other, there is one that attracts a lot of attention. This is the glow in the dark piercing.

Of course, you won’t be able to go unnoticed with him. It will shine like never before and in various colors you will have available. Because it is a challenge full of imagination and originality. Just before you have to make sure that your body will allow it, but all that and more is what we are going to discover today.

Types of piercings and their materials

First of all, we need to know what types of piercing we have on the market. Maybe that’s how we know which material we can choose at each stage of our healing. Because it is very important that the wound itself heals as soon as possible and well. Only in this way can we give free rein to our imagination, thinking about which model we will look.

The so-called start bars, do not give rise to imagination or creativity. But it’s just a few wider bars, for a freshly made piercing. They are also a little longer and all this will be indicated in case there is inflammation in the wound. Of course, G23 titanium is one of the most used materials and gives much more purity to our piercing. There are many people who have nickel allergy, so you’ll have to make sure your piercing doesn’t wear it.

When you know that you have some kind of allergy, although the piercing is cured, it is best to opt for materials such as titanium, acrylic, bioplasticand of course, wood. Of course, if on the contrary you do not have allergies and at the same time your piercing is fully cured, you can opt for surgical steel, titanium again, gold plated or wood and bone.

The choice of glow in the dark piercing

Why did we tell you this?, so you can choose your glow in the dark piercing without fear of dreaded allergies. The logical thing is that when you change the piercing, your wound is completely healthy. Yes, it’s true that sometimes we have to wait longer than we want, but it’s worth it. Most of all because this way, we won’t have any kind of problem later. From then on you will be able to choose your new earring. You have different colors available such as green, orange or yellow. All of them, have the ability to glow in the dark.

Where to wear the shining piercing?

The place of the body is already a little personal. Without a doubt, everyone will choose that area that most likes to stand out. One of them may be the navel for women. Of course, the language or even the eyebrow can also be others that we have to highlight. The basics is that it is not an area that is completely covered. You can play with them under ultraviolet light.

In the market you will find piercings of 5mm and 8mm. You can find them in surgical steel and as we have said, in assorted colors. The balls are composed of acrylic, mostly. If you choose them and buy them online, surely the price will not be an impediment, since they are usually economical. So, just put them on, let them give them a little light and once they are turned off, it will be very easy to follow the colour trail. Did you ever think of wearing a glow in the dark piercing?

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