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Inspiration in bracelets tattoos

Tatuajes de brazaletes

The tattoos on bracelets are very popular for the area arm and also for the ankle or leg. They are tattoos that surround the limbs and look different from different angles, so they are so special. In this case there are many trends surrounding this type of tattoos, from the classics old school to the most minimalist lines of today.

Let’s see some inspiring tattoos for those bracelets. Many people decide to wear a tattooed bracelet or bracelet, make it a decoration on the skin or that means something to them. These ideas are just some of the many that can be found today.

old school bracelets tattoos

Brazaletes old school

One of the tattoos that are most used and that don’t go out of style are the old school. They like them very much for their beautiful color but also because they are the ones that age best. In this case we see some bracelets that have been made with this aesthetic, with strong and striking colors and lines marked in black. Flowers are also very recurring in this style.

Tribal Bracelets

Tatuajes tribales

Tattoos Tribal tattoos are another classic that are usually male tattoos, although more and more women can be seen opting for this style. It is inspired by tribal tattoos and it is common that the tone they wear is black, with geometric patterns.

Tattoos with


Brazaletes de flores

Flowers no They cease to be a nice reason for a tattoo. In this case we see a bracelet tattoo with a delicate flower and soft colors.

Tattoos with decorative details

Tatuajes con decoraciones

Tattoos with arabesques are also very popular because of how decorative they turn out. So you can opt for a tattoo of this style on your arm.

Minimalist bracelets tattoos

Tatuajes minimalistas

Minimalist style is worn today, with tattoos increasingly simple. Even with bracelets that are only lines on the skin.

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