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Long tattoos, more than a day without bread

Tatuaje largo en el brazo

Long tattoo on the arm with a cool phrase.

We understand by long tattoos those tattoos that have a taller than width design and that run the body vertically. In this post we will see a few ideas in case we want to make one of these tattoos.

Although at first glance it seems a somewhat random division, the truth is that their designs are quite versatile and look very elegant and (although it may seem lying) even discreet . Long tattoosare therefore a good choice for those who want a design something out of the ordinarybut is not very strident.

Long tattoos on the back

Tatuaje largo en la columna

Long tattoo on the spine with a plant.

Maybe these long tattoos are the most recognizable of all. They usually walk from the buds as far as their back loses its chaste name. In some cases the tattoo runs the entire spine, others focus more on the area of the ribs.

Keep in mind that tattoos on the spine and on the ribs are known to be quite painful (in my case I wear one on my ribs and yes, it hurt a lot), so think about it, especially if it’s your first tattoo .

Tatuaje largo lavanda

Lavender tattoo along the back.

Long tattoos on the back can have a multitude of designs . Two of the most popular are tattooing a row of characters in Chinese or Japanese or those inspired by plants like the ones in the photo: long stems and small leaves , are ideal designs with lavender, vines, rosemary… If you like this type of design, nothing better than checking the meaning of your favorite plant and translate it on your skin, it looks great.

Long tattoos on the arm

Another place on the body where long tattoos look especially well is on the arms . The longest ones can travel from the biceps to the wrist or simply the forearm . They are the best option to start with a long tattoo that is neither too large nor very small.

Tatuaje largo fases lunares

Tattoo with lunar phases on the arm.

This type of long tattoos, being somewhat shorter than those on the back, are even more versatile. They look especially beautiful in black and white or with a touch of colour . You can be inspired by designs of elongated objects such as feathers or arrows; more conceptual designs like the one in the photo, in which you can see a row of lunar phases; or choose a phrase with a special meaning of a poem, a song…

Long tattoos on the legs

Tatuaje largo en las piernas

Tattoo that runs through the back of the legs.

Long tattoos on the legs tend to be inspired by the same designs we have already discussed on the back and arms, but they have an added grace.

For example, there are tattoos of this type that allow imitating a certain piece of lingerie. I remember once, walking around Valencia, a girl wearing the stockings line tattooed on the back of her legs. The top ended with two pink lacitos. From afar it was quite a result, because they looked like real stockings.

Long tattoos on the feet

Tatuaje largo de estrellas

Star tattoo along the foot.

Finally, it is also possible to have long tattoos on your feet, for example, so that they cover the instep. Again, this type of design allows great versatility so that the result looks cool.

If we want a long tattoo on the foot, besides considering, as in the case of the spine and ribs, it is a rather painfulsite, we can be inspired by small elements(such as stars, moons…) or nature(wild flowers, petals to the wind…).

As you can see, long tattoos are a great option if you are looking for an elegant and discreet tattoo, of a somewhat larger size and with a touch of color that is not very eye-catching.

Tatuaje largo corazones

Long tattoo with hearts along of the back (Source).

In addition, its countless designs allow us to be inspired by elements of nature or space until we find the perfect tattoo . Nothing prevents, for example, from exchanging the designs proposed in the post because you want to tattoo the brightest stars of the Solar System on the column.

And do you guys have any long tattoo you want to share ?

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