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Ouroboros Tattoos


Ouroboros is a symbol dating back thousands of years and which is related to eternity. Such a symbol is depicted through a snake or a reptile that eats itself in order to renew life.

In the field of tattoos, ouroboros can have many meanings and its design provides a large number of possibilities.

Symbolism of ouroboros

The ouroboros is a rather ancient symbol, which is depicted through the figure of a snake or a reptile that is eating its own tail reaching to form a circle. This symbol dates from Ancient Egypt and was later used by other types of cultures such as Phoenician or Greek.

As for its symbolism, the most important is that which refers to the different cycles of life and its eternity. Creation from one’s own destruction or life after death. By eating its own tail, it symbolizes the renewal of one’s own life.


What is the meaning of the tattoos of ouroboros

in relation to Tattoos, an ouroboros is depicted as a reptile that eats itself as a sign of eternal life. Both snakes and other reptiles are able to moult the skin and thus renew life. For their part lizards are able to eat their own tail in order to stay alive. The tail grows again over time, that is, it is a cycle of life as an ouroboros represents.

There are other people who decide to have such a tattoo on their skin to symbolize that life is eternal and that everything has its cycle and is constantly renewing. Ouroboros has no beginning or end, but is eternal and infinite.

It is a fairly popular tattoo that many people usually capture on their skin. Ouroboros has a great relationship with alchemy. If you refer to it, the symbol is represented in two colors, red and green. The red color refers to the end or death. For its part, the green color represents life and struggle.


Different tattoo designs of ouroboros

Good thing has the ouroboros is that there are many designs to choose from. Apart from the symbol, the professional can work out and add another series of elements to the tattoo that allows you to show off a really eye-catching design.

It is common to associate the ouroboros with Yin and Yang, especially in theform of a dragon. The meaning is the struggle of two opposing poles such as life and death. It is a tattoo that looks pretty good and usually worn on the chest or on the back of the shoulder.

Another way to represent the uoroboros is next to Solomon’s pentacle or star. The person who opts for this type of design seeks to represent the world of the occult and the magical. The pentacle appears inside the serpent and with gray and black hues it can look pretty good.

Ouroboros is also quite common that it relates to the tree of life. Unlike the previous design, the symbol of ouroboros represents the renewal of life and leaving behind different aspects to start over. This type of design is usually done in black and can be reflected in the area of the arm or leg.

In short, the ouroboros tattoo is quite versatile and you can put it on the skin in many ways or ways. You can opt for a somewhat more minimalist design and are just extra elements. On the contrary, if you are more daring you can choose a larger tattoo and putting colors to make it colorful and look beautifully on the skin.

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