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Piercings III: Precautions and Dangers: Health

Son preciosos en las fotos, ¿verdad?

They’re beautiful in the pictures, aren’t they?

To make healing perfect and fast, the web gives a series of health tips distinguishing between mouth piercing and piercing in any other part of the body.

Care of the lip, tongue and inner part of the mouth

You should rinse with an oral antiseptic or physiological serum at least twice a day and always after eating, drinking or smoking; smoking is not recommended anyway, nor to drink alcohol, taking hot (better cold) or lactose foods as well as sharing fluids with someone else.

Pero si no se cura bien...

But if it doesn’t heal well…

General post-piercing care

In any area other than your mouth, you should clean yourself at least three times a day with a neutral soap, physiological serum or specific antiseptics for piercing. Do not dry the area with cotton, towels or any material that may release lint or irritate the area.

They do not recommend alcohol, hydrogen peroxide, iodine or crystallmine as they dry the skin and make healing difficult. Antibiotics are also not recommended except infection because they can irritate or hinder scarring, or self-medication, or home remedies that although they can help also may not work and end up infecting the area.

It is not advisable to manipulate the piercing, remove it or change it until the time you have been told that it usually ranges from 20 to 40 days.



Try not to swim in the pool or hot tubs for the first two months. Do not expose yourself to the sun because ultraviolet rays make it difficult to heal the skin.

Don’t take it as a joke: if she gets infected, you’ve screwed her up. Loreto told you that the most frequent reactions are allergies to the material used, affecting 45% of the population, as well as bacterial infection that occurs by staphylococcus, streptococcus or pseudomonas; danger that increases if the tongue or cartilage is perforated.

But this is not all: tomorrow I will tell you about other rather serious problems that cause a piercing.

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