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Tattoo on the triceps, the art of elegance

I’m sure we’re used to knowing the parts of the arm. Something that maybe every day you work out at the gym. Well, today we’re going to see how the triceps tattoo delights us with its great style. A style that is born from the combination of ideas that can provide us with this area of the body.

Undoubtedly, the arm is one of the first areas we think about when it comes to tattooing, as a rule. Of course, inside the arm we have several parts to keep in mind. From the wrist, to the forearm passing through the biceps and now, also a tattoo on the back of it. Let yourself be seduced by these ideas!

Triceps tattoo, does it hurt?

We know that one of the first things you get through your head is the subject of pain. Something totally inevitable and that will continue to emerge at every step. Well, it is said that tattoos on the triceps are not excessively painful. While they can be referred to as bearable, it will always depend on the ability to withstand the pain you have.

If we analyze them based on the known pain meter, it must be said that this posterior area of the arm can count on bearable pain. Just as long as it is away from the elbow and the tattoo does not extend to the most lateral area of the arm. There we would talk about other sensations. But of course, in the first term, it must be said that you will surely endure the pain of a simple tattoo.

Bird designs for the triceps

Although there are many designs available, keep in mind that they can not be too large. Of course, as an exception there will always be people who opt for elongated but narrow designs, due to the size of the arm in question.

Birds are always one of the great themes, along with nature in general. That is why in this part of the arm they were not going to be left behind either. Of course, bird tattoos and their clear meaning of freedom are one of the most demanded designs. In this first example we are left with a wide drawing of an original bird, with a very light layout.

On the other hand, butterflies with their beauty and swallows with their meaning of love as well as fidelity and loyalty, are also perfect to wear on the back of the arm. If you want to represent peace and harmony, then you will be carried away by a tattoo with a pigeon as the protagonist. Of course, a small crow can also be seen in the triceps. Although many criticize his fame of bad omen, they are undoubtedly the key to mystery, but at the same time quite a messenger. What about the hummingbird? Change and elegance will be your best symbolisms.

Tattoos with letters

In this case, the shorter phrases and above all, words will be a great key. Space also does not give much more, but we know that if we choose the right one, we can say a lot without resorting to many words. In addition, you will have a simple and elegant result as we expect. You can select a specific font and let the black ink do the rest.

Mandalas tattoo on the arm

If you want another great idea for your triceps tattoo, then point out the Mandala. This name comes to mean circle, as you’re sure you know. If we look closely at them, they convey balance and harmony to us. Although it must also be said that since we have a wide variety of Mandalas, each can contain a different meaning. It must be said that it is also one of those hypnotic elements because you will stay staring at him, until you guess everything it can contain. You can make your own Mandala before tattooing, as this will be a symbol of our health, emotional and spiritual.

Tribal tattoos and their originality

We couldn’t finish this selection of tattoos on the triceps without talking about tribal tattoos. They are one of the great protagonists for both men and women. They are very popular and is that they refer to ancient civilizations and their beliefs or culture in general. It is said that at first, they were tattoos that represented the sun’s rays. Today it has numerous meanings because we will also find numerous tattoos with this style. Which of all these triceps tattoos would you stay with?

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