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Tattoo Tips, Tips for Newbies (I)

Are you a virgin in the world of tattoos? You want to make one but you don’t know where to start? Don’t worry! We’ve all been through it once, that’s why these tattoo tips will be useful for you.

The tattoo tips we have prepared are designed for neophytes and cover the first steps, from choosing the design to what to expect the night before.

Tips for choosing the design

Choosing the design you’re going to wear throughout your life is a big step, especially for your first tattoo (then it becomes quite easier). Some highly recommended tattoo tips to keep in mind are the following:

  • Choose a design with a personal connection. Nothing of a random design taken out of the typical oily carpesan on the doorstep of the coast tattoo shops. Choose a theme that has a great connection for security. Think that one of the main problems that neophytes encounter is to wonder if they will continue to like that design over time. The more personal the design, the more secure you will feel about yourself and the less you feel that it can “expire” at some point.
  • Do a thorough investigation. As much as the design you have chosen is going to personalize the tattoo artist, it is important that both you and him or she have the design quite clear before putting on the definitive design. To do this, search online images (not just tattoos, they can also be photos, drawings…) that show how you would like the final result to be.
  • Please note that the designs are aging. Over time, tattoos with fine and very detailed lines tend to lose detail and make their lines thicker. Tattoos age with us and, although it is very nice and poetic, it is important to keep it in mind, especially when choosing a first design.

Tips about the place

Other tattoo tips that you should keep in mind if you opt for a first tattoo are related to the place on the body where you are going to be tattooed.

  • Discard the face, neck and head. We are not against tattoos in these places of the body, although we do not recommend it as a first experience. First of all, because they are very visible sites, and especially if you are not sure, it is better to leave them for when you already have a few pieces (in addition, there are tattoo artists who will refuse to tattoo you those places if it is your first tattoo). Secondly, they are very painful sites. Take this advice as when you buy a car: first you have to try it to know that it suits our desires and needs.
  • Try not to choose a busy place. Wrist and hands, for example, are places on the body where there is a lot of contact and movement. We constantly put on and take off clothes, accessories, bend them, give them the sun… with what are places where tattoos age more quickly.
  • Ask your tattoo artist. Once you have clear the design and the place where you want to tattoo, your tattoo artist will be able to help you get the most out of it. I may even recommend other places where the piece may look better and print several sizes of the final design on the same day as the tattoo to see how it looks. Listen to him!

Tips on choosing your tattoo artist

When you already wear multiple tattoos, you may already have a favorite tattoo artist or you are more or less versed in your fetish tattoo artists. However, it can be somewhat difficult for a first piece. That’s why we recommend you:

  • Look at his portfolio on the internet. The Internet has made things very easy when it comes to choosing a professional. Research his portfolio on Instagram, for example, even if you’re not limited to a single social network. Find out what opinions he has to give you an idea of his style.
  • Choose also according to your design. As much as you like a realistic tattoo artist, if you are going to opt for a traditional design it is best to look for a tattoo artist who is specialized in this style.
  • Don’t spare money. Tattoo is an expensive and lifelong art. Don’t be guided by prices alone (or by the: “my brother-in-law does it to you for fifty euros in your house and with the engine of a fridge”) and assume that the good is paid.

We hope that these tattoo tips have been useful to you. Tell us, do you want to get a tattoo soon? Would you add any more advice to the list? Remember to tell us with a comment!

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