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Tattoos all over the body, questions and answers of these extensive pieces!

Tattoos on the whole body are distinguished by occupying the entire body, as the name suggests. Known in English as a body suit, they are a type of tattoo that leaves no one indifferent.

In this article we will talk about this type of tattoo and much more in detail. Read on if you plan to get one!

What is a tattoo on the whole body?

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We can imagine that, indeed, a tattoo on the whole body, as the name suggests, is a tattoo that covers much of our skin. Normally these tattoos cover either the entire torso (or the entire back) or the whole body, and although not always, they will most likely have a related and expanded topic if they were thought to be tattooed from scratch.

Do tattoos have parts all over your body?

Tattooed parts in certain parts of the body are considered as parts of this type of tattoo. In turn, these parts can be tattooed independently of the rest of the body, or even join together (thematically or literally) in subsequent tattoos. They are as follows:

  • Full sleeve: Full sleeve tattoos that cover the entire arm, from shoulder to wrist. A half sleeve, on the contrary, covers only from the shoulder to the elbow.
  • Back piece: Cover the entire back, from the shoulders to the hips, sometimes including the buttocks.
  • Tattoos on the legs: Unlike the previous two, one has a specific term that defines it. They can be whole-legged or mid-leg (like a kind of pants).

Naturally, there are other parts that could be considered as part of a body suit, but that are not as decisive as the previous ones, such as the head, hands, feet…

What do you have to do with irezumi?

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We have talked about irezumi, the art of Japanese tattooing, on other occasions. Tattoos that occupy the whole body have a great connection with this style, since in traditional Japan this type of tattoo has its own rules in terms of localization.

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Just as she shares the whole back with Western full-body tattoos, in Japan there are own models of this type of tattoo:

  • Donburi Sōshinbori (): is the full-body tattoo without overtures.
  • Munewari Sōshinbori (): is the full-body tattoo with the overture on the chest.
  • Munewari (): tattoo on the chest but with an overture in the middle.
  • Nagasode (): tattoo that spans the entire arm.
  • Shichibu (): literally ‘7 parts’, tattoo that covers the shoulder to the middle forearm.
  • Gobu (): literally ‘5 parts’, is the tattoo that covers from elbow to shoulder.
  • Hanzubon (): is the piece that covers the legs to the knee, with the inside of the legs tattooed.

Does a tattoo hurt all over the body?

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Naturally, it depends on where you’re going to get tattooed during that session. Places like your back, arms or legs barely hurt, but the day you get tattooed with your ribs is going to be a descent into hell.

How long does the process last?

Usually such extensive tattoos don’t usually get tattooed on the same day. Not only would it be a brutality for you (as much as you endure pain, blood loss, adrenaline and needle passing through the skin constantly leave you powder), but for the tattooist it is also unthinkable to keep all attention and fitness in such an extensive piece.

We’re not talking about days, we’re not even talking about months. A body suit can take years to finish (about two or three on average) as you need to plan it well with the tattoo artist, meet him for sessions and let the skin recover before returning to the load.

How much does it cost?

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We can add to the time factor the monetary factor. Tattoos on the whole body are not cheap, on average, they cost no less than about 50,000 dollars (about 42,600 euros).

Do you have connotations to tattoos that cover the whole body?

In addition to traditional Japanese tattoo, in the West tattoos covering the whole body are related to circus shows and American freak shows (those that included bearded women, forcible women and other “phenomena of nature”). The reason is simple: the first people who wore tattoos all over their body worked on shows of this kind, showing the world their tattooed skin.

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One of the first to tattoo the whole body was The Great Omi, who after World War I decided to earn a living, although there were many more, like George Costentenus, who chose this path by vocation or necessity.

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In fact, even today we can find artists who use their entirely tattooed body as a claim in their performances or as a personal expression, for example, Lizardman (with tattoos and body modifications to resemble a lizard), Enigma (with body covered in puzzle pieces) or Tom Leppard (whose body was covered with leopard spots). However, it should be specified that tattoos throughout the body, in these cases, have taken a different path, as they normally include other, more extreme body modifications.

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We hope that this article about tattoos on the whole body has entertained and interested you. Tell us, what do you think of these tattoos? Are you wearing such extensive parts? Tell us what you want in the comments!

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