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Tattoos and their relationship with psychology

The facts testify to this, and that is that tattoos have gone from being something minority and unseen in society, to becoming something totally popular and social. What might seem strange until a few years ago, to this day is a common thing. The data say it and affirm, and it is that one in three young people between 20 and 40 years old is thought to wear a tattoo.

This is a real phenomenon worldwide that has attracted the attention of the world of psychology. According to psychologists, there are a number of psychological characteristics and traits that need to be studied in relation to tattoos. Such traits can be common in those people who wear a tattoo on their body.

What psychological characteristics do people with tattoos have

There are a number of psychological traits or characteristics that are usually given in those people, who decide to take the step when it comes to getting a tattoo. Then we talk to you about such traits in a detailed way:


There is a first psychological trait that is usually common in many tattooed people. They are usually outgoing people looking for stimuli rich and rather complex environments. Getting a tattoo is not at all nonsense and extraversion is an element to take into account when taking that step. Introversion is the opposite characteristic of the above-mentioned extroversion. An introverted person has a bad time at external stimuli he does not know.

An extrovert person is able without any trouble to get a tattoo, either by going fashion or for some particular reason. Having a tattoo on their body makes them feel good about themselves. The same does not happen with a person who is introverted, as it is difficult for him to take such a step.

Open to new experiences

People who decide to wear a tattoo on their skin are people who love to try new things and have new experiences. Such people feel in a happy way to get a tattoo and be able to wear it. This is something new in their lives and it causes them great excitement in every way.

They are people who need to try new things continuously to feel good about themselves. Experiencing new things is common in their lives and they do it in a regular way. On the contrary, a monotonous person is rare for him to decide to get a tattoo.

Stand out in front of others

Not everyone who gets a tattoo has the same reason for it. Many assure that the design attracts them while others seek a particular meaning. However, it is true that the vast majority of people who decide to embody a certain design in their skin do so to stand out in front of society and others.

The fact of taking the step to get a tattoo has the function of creating a certain personality that differs from the others. From this, the tattoo can mean an important fact or event in the person or simply wanting to wear a certain design on their skin.

It is true that each person is totally different from another and will have psychological characteristics that lead him to get a tattoo. What is true is that in the vast majority of tattooed people, they often match a series of traits that can help define the person’s own personality.

As you can see, people with tattoos are usually outgoing and sociable, open to new experiences and with an end that is none other than being able to stand out in front of the rest. What is clear is that there is a certain relationship between the field of psychology and the fascinating world of tattoos.

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