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Tattoos of owls on the back, proposals and ideas

Owl tattoos on the back are stunning, eye-catching and, if desired, excessively realistic. In general if there is something that characterizes tattoos on the back is the strength that conveys the design embodied in the skin because they can have considerable dimensions. It is something we have already discussed on other occasions, the back offers the best “canvas” of the body to tattoo.

In recent times owl tattoos as well as owl tattoos have gained impressive popularity. Such is so that this animal of nocturnal habits has climbed to the top positions in the ranking of the most sought-after tattoos in studios around the world. In Tattooantes we have dedicated several articles to deal with this topic, however, today we want to put the spotlight on owl tattoos on the back.

Just take a look at the owl tattoo gallery on the back below. In it you will find a complete and various collection of designs. Some more realistic, others in more abstract styles, color or black, etc… The options are almost endless. For those people who want their tattoo to transmit strength will always be able to make the owl fly and have the wings open spreading through their arms. The result is impressive.

And what is their meaning and/or symbolism? Owl tattoos on the back mean the same as any other kind of owl tattoo. Depending on the culture on which we focus the meaning may vary. Intelligence, wisdom, independence, observer, messenger, mystery, knowledge, experience and vision are some of the meanings we can attribute to these tattoos.

Photos of Owls on the Back Tattoos

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