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Tattoos of roses on the neck, spectacular!

Tatuaje rosa cuello blanco negro

A spectacular rose tattoo on the neck in black and white.

If you like flowers and want to dare with a piece in one of the most painful places , don’t think about it anymore and look at these spectacular roses tattoo designs on your neck .

Whether in a realistic design or in an old school piece, these roses look spectacular !

No pain: how to prepare for a tattoo on the neck

tatuaje rosa cuello pecho

Stunning tattoo on the chest with pink on the neck.

The tattoos on this area of the body look very striking and impressive . Of course, the neck is one of the most painful places to get tattooed, so you have to mentalize yourself that it will be a very intense experience .

Some describe the pain of tattoos on the neck as something very overwhelming , since the proximity of the face seems to increase the level of pain. Also, the tattoo machine sinks into the windpipe, so you can not breathe normally.

One way to mentally prepare for pain is to talk about it first with your tattoo artist , especially if it is your first tattoo in this area. You can take it easy, trya small area first, and decideif the pain is too intense to follow.

Beautiful tattoos of roses on the neck

Tatuaje rosa cuello acuarela

A red tattoo with Watercolor touches on the back of the neck.

Roses are an ideal design for the neck due to their rounded shape . It’s great to choose the design you choose, although each can symbolize different things.

For example, you can emulate the ancient sailors with an old schooltattoo . In the past, sea wolves chose rose tattoos to remind important women of their lives (wives, girlfriends or even mothers) during their long voyages through the sea, as roses are a symbol of femininity .

Tatuaje rosa cuello old school

A pink old tattoo school in the neck.

On the other hand, if you choose a rose in realistic style, you can take into account the meaning related to its color . For example, yellow color represents friendship, red passion, purple nobility…

The tattoos of roses on the neck are spectacular but painful. And you, doyou dare with them?

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