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Tattoos of triangles on the neck and their meaning

Tatuajes de triángulos en el cuello

Triangle tattoos are characterized by their elegance. It is a very popular geometric figure in the world of body art. Many people wear a triangle tattooed for one or several reasons. It is discreet and can go unnoticed. There are several articles dedicated in Tattooants to triangle tattoos. On this occasion we want to concretize even more and talk about the issue of triangles tattoos on the neck.

We must keep in mind the visibility that triangle tattoos have on the neck. Regardless of its size or the object embodied on the skin, any element tattooed on the neck will be visible practically throughout the year. And even more so if we have a short hair. In the case of women with a long hair they will have it easier. Despite this, it is important to weigh whether a visible tattoo can affect us in some negative way.

Once we have analyzed the main aspects and characteristics of triangle tattoos on the neck it is time to move on to analyze what is their meaning and/or symbolism. The triangle represents number three in geometry and is characterized by its simplicity as well as equitable proportions. This has allowed this form to symbolize a kind of union between heaven and earth.

The tattoos of triangles on the neck will symbolize the connection of the divine with the earthly. A tattoo that is also used to convey a message of elegance, softness and simplicity due to the geometric shape. In the gallery of triangles tattoos on the neck below you can check all kinds of designs and take ideas if you are thinking of tattooing a triangle. Undoubtedly it is a very interesting option.

Photos of Triangles on the Neck Tattoos

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