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Tattoos on the armpit: questions and answers

Tatuaje axila blanco y negro

Black and white armpit tattoo (Source).

Although at first glance tattoos on the armpit do not look the best of options , especially if you have a lot of tickling , the truth is that some designs look great. And they’re so discreet that it makes you want to raise your arms and teach the sobacos around the world!

The armpit is undoubtedly a curious place to choose from.

Is it dangerous to tattoo your armpits?

Tatuaje axila rosa

Tattoo on the armpit with rose (Source).

The armpits are a delicate site in itself, as they contain a lot of nerve endings . In addition, they are barely touched by the sun, making them a very protected and even fragile area.

That’s why it’s especially difficult to opt for an armpit tattoo: it hurts a lot (although not as much as the neck or the back of your knee) and, if you endure the pain, it will cost you to stay still because most people have a lot of tickles.

What design am I doing?

Tatuaje axila derecha

Tattoo on the right armpit (Source).

If you finally decide to dare with a tattoo on the armpit, choose a design with a rounded shape reminiscent of this area of the body. Floral or geometric compositions are especially recommended for this form of sphere , either in color or in black and white.

What style can I follow for design?

Anyone can work, although the traditional or very realistic designs look spectacular. The result can be crazy: imagine a realistic eye looking at the world from your overbody!

Do I have to follow any special treatment after I get tattooed?

Tatuae axila izquierda

Tattoo on the left armpit Tattoo in the left armpit (Source).

Underarm tattoos, where they are, will require you to even put more care on the cureof your tattoo and follow a few extra steps. For example, it is not recommended to put on a deodorant in the area for two weeks. This is because the fragrances and tattoo ingredients can charge the tattoo color.

Also, you will not be able to shave in two weeks and, as always, you will have to wear comfortable clothes so that the crusts do not stick.

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