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Tattoos on the elbows, yes or no?

Tattoos on the elbows are not exactly common, as it is a little complicated area, like the one on the knees. This area has a joint and it is certainly true that by constantly moving it the tattoo can change, hence not everyone chooses this part of its anatomy to put a tattoo. It is usually easier to choose an area where the tattoo will always look fixed.

Elbows usually use certain types of design, which adapt to this complicated shape of our body. So we’re going to give you some inspiration and ideas for this unusual area. If you want a tattoo that is different, you can choose the elbow for your next design.

The elbow zone

This area is not usually tattooed for several reasons. One of them is that it is a complicated place that is constantly moving. This makes the skin stretching and also the design can be modified with movement. This skin is also usually a little drier, so it is a particularly conflicting zone for a tattoo. Care should be extreme to prevent the skin from looking dry and spoiling the tattoo.

This area is also little used because it is one of the places where tattoos usually hurt the most. We know that there are less sensitive areas, such as certain parts of the arm or legs, but others are more sensitive and certainly more complicated. If we have never had a tattoo it is always better to start with one in a place where we don’t feel so much pain to get used to the feeling. The elbow is one of these places where we will feel much more the pain of the needle.

Tribal Tattoos

Tribal tattoos are a design that many men often choose. They are tattoos inspired by those of the tribes, with varied symbols that adapt to the area of the body. It is normal to see them in the arms and legs, surrounding them. In this case tribal tattoos usually also extend to the elbow or shoulder area, because they are quite large. That is why on many occasions we see tattoos of this type in the elbow area.

old school tattoos

This part of our anatomy requires blunt designs, as the elbow can slightly distort the drawing. If the lines are too thin and thin we run the risk that it will look bad. That’s why the vast majority of people choose old school tattoos. These tattoos are characterized by strong and smooth tones and thick and very defined lines. One of the best styles for the elbows area.

Tattoos surrounding the elbow

As the area of the joint is the one that moves the most and where the skin can be wrinkled, then we see some tattoos that in an original way leave this part blank. A design is created around this area with drawings that are symmetrical. From typical mandala flowers to geometric designs that expand from this central point, that is how tattoos on the elbows are. In this case the design is not circular, but expands towards the arm area, with a more vertical touch. They can be fully customized designs.

Floral Tattoos

Flower tattoos are also seen in the elbow area. Having many intricate details and rounded shapes is not much noticeable the change when we move the joint. If they were straight lines, the difference would be much more noticeable, so we see tattoos like this with a rose on the elbows. They look very beautiful and we already know that flowers are a detail that will never go out of style in tattoos. A timeless and classic choice. Would you have a tattoo on the elbow area?

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