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Tattoos on the forearm of women

Tattoos on the forearm area are currently trending, both in men and women. Until recently, they were considered as risky tattoos for the area of the body being treated. These tattoos are very difficult to hide especially in the summer months, however it is increasingly common to see women with designs of all kinds in that area of the body.

The good thing about such tattoos is that they are quite eye-catching and they look perfectly. If you consider yourself a daring woman and in that regard, a little rebellious, tattoos on the forearm area are perfect for you. Then, we give you some ideas so that you can translate on the forearm the design that you like and want the most.


Flowers are perfect tattoos for any woman. It is quite feminine and they are ideal to wear them in the forearm area. Thanks to the wide range of the area, women can opt for a single flower or capture various bouquets that wrap the entire forearm. If you choose colorful designs are perfect when it comes to wear them, especially in the summer.


Another of the most common tattoos among the women’s sector are the dreamcatcher. Symbology or meaning refers to protecting the person from bad energies. They are designs of great symbolism and are perfect throughout the forearm. Thanks to the arm position, they give the feeling that they are hung and allow a large number of details.

Words or phrases

Words or phrases are a classic in the world of tattoos. They usually have a special meaning for the person who decides to translate them on their skin. The forearm zone is perfect for it, whether it is a phrase of love, a word with a great meaning or a special date for the woman in question.

Sun and moon

Another wonderful option for the forearm is that of the sun and the moon. You can put both together on the forearm or make the sun on one and the moon on the other. If they are tattooed separately, the moon refers to femininity and fertility. In the case of the sun, the tattoo can symbolize strength, optimism and struggle in this life.

If you decide to choose to put the two in the same tattoo, they symbolize the perfect balance between the two opposite poles, as is the case of good and evil or day and night. A tattoo of a great symbolism that fits perfectly in the area of a woman’s forearm.


Mandala is a symbol of Hindu culture that is quite common to tattoo it on various parts of the body as is the case of the forearm. The mandala symbolizes the perfect balance between mind and body. The mandalas are quite eye-catching and full of details so you can wear it cheerfully.

lotus flower

The lotus flower is a perfect tattoo for a daring woman who doesn’t mind people seeing her tattoo. As with the mandala, the lotus flower is full of symbolism and meaning.

The meaning of this kind of tattoo will vary depending on the colors chosen and the way in which the petals are laid. The lotus flower means the ability of the person to overcome obstacles and thus reach full happiness.

Here are some examples of tattoos you can do on your forearm. Remember that it is a part of the body that can be visible, especially in the hot and good weather months. On the contrary, every time it is women who decide the forearm and be able to wear a tattoo with great meaning while eye-catching.

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