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Tattoos on the inside of the elbow

We know that arms are one of the most demanded parts of the body when it comes to being tattooed. But inside it, we have several options. Some are tattooed the part of the wrist, others the forearm or, on the outer and upper side of it. But today, let’s talk about tattoos on the inside of the elbow.

Because they also leave us some amazing designs at the same time as original. It is a complicated area for many because of pain, but as always, it is a subjective idea. Despite this, if you look well, it will allow us to look a series of designs that are very attractive. Don’t you think?

Why choose tattoos on the inside of the elbow

When we choose one or another area of the body to tattoo, it is clear that we let ourselves be carried away by our taste or style. As we have mentioned, of all of them, the arms are always one of the most successful when it comes to showing off the varied designs. It is a good canvas, but it should also be said that in certain areas, it is very delicate. Tattoos on the inside of the elbow are one of them. But if you want to choose them, you have to know that they are the most original. It is a versatile zone, although as a rule, it supports small designs. So if you’re thinking about a small drawing or a few letters and phrases, it’s a good place. In addition, they have a great meaning, since it is a really visible area. So the symbolism of the design you have chosen is going to intensify.

What kind of tattoos are worn on the inside of the elbow

There are many types of tattoos we have to choose from, as we well know. So everyone has to be faithful to their thoughts and style. But perhaps within them, there are always some that stand out a little more.

  • Mandala tattoos are always very present. They are synonymous with tranquility as well as balance. They leave behind all negative energies so that they can reach serenity. For an area like this, they are also perfect.
  • A bouquet of flowers features delicacy and elegance, which will also occupy this part of the body. Depending on the type of flower you have chosen, it will also have different meanings.

  • A short phrase or a word can also be another idea of tattoos on the inside of the elbow. A more discreet way to be able to show off that phrase that says so much about you.
  • The protection is reflected in the arrow tattoos. You can choose just one of them, or a bow with its arrow and even another of the most demanded styles that are two crossed arrows.
  • Geometrics can’t leave them behind either. Simple and minimalist that always capture all our attention and more, for an area like the one we are concerned today.

Does it hurt to get a tattoo on the inside of your elbow?

When we talk about the subject of pain, it’s always all very relative. We will not tire of saying that each person may have a different opinion and is fully valid. Since some will hurt quite a lot and others, they may simply notice some discomfort. But the most theoretical part of all this, says that this is one of the most sensitive areas of the arm. So it translates into yes, it’s a painful part.

Of course, the pain threshold already everyone needs to measure it while under the influence of a needle. Similarly, even if we know that this is an area that can hurt us, the smallest tattoos are the ones chosen in this case, so the process will not last too long.

Images: Pinterest, Alex Bawn, pennynoggin.tumblr, @evedoestattoos,

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