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Tattoos on the instep: everything you need to know

Tatuajes en el empeine

If you like tattoos on the instep, surely you’re planting yourself a cool one. However, before you throw yourself into the pool it is advisable to have some tips in mind that, although surely they sound to you, it never hurts to go over.

That’s why we have prepared this exclusive post with all kinds of tips about tattoos on the instep.

Tattoos on the instep: little ones no, thank you!

Tatuajes en el empeine elefante

Most tattoo artists recommend that, for tattoos on the instep or any other part of the foot, choose a fairly large design. This is because these types of tattoos exude a lot of ink and, moreover, being an area we use constantly (unless you’re a lazy) a small tattoo has much more chances of getting erased or, at least, becoming a formless blur.

Instep tattoos are painful

If you like tattoos on the instep, you’re not going to get rid of it: they hurt very much. Some say it hurts the line spacing more. Some say that the filling is what hurts the most: there is no meat that can padding the needles.

The pain is going to be intense. There are those who compare it to an adorable panther using your scraper foot.

Choose well where you want your tattoo on the instep

Tatuajes en el empeine playa

This is especially important. Tattoos on the instep, being in the area of the foot, tend to be erased much easier (something similar to what happens with tattoos on the fingers) because of chafing with the shoe, the sun… That’s why you have to decide wisely where to do it.

And since we’re with the placement, you also have to keep in mind if you want it looking out for others to see or inward, for you to enjoy it.

Tattoos on the instep are, perhaps, one of the most complicated and painful types of tattoos . But that only increases the desire to go for one, doesn’t it? And you, do you have any tattoo on your instep? Tell us in the comments!

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