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Tattoos on the twin, what you need to know

Tatuajes en el Gemelo

The tattoos on the twin are Pieces that focus on the back of the leg, right in the area of the twin, that is, the one left between the knee and heel. Maybe because of its location (which leaves the tattoo in the sight of others, but not ours) or because of the large canvas, it is quite a common place to get tattooed.

If you like tattoos on the twin, in this article we will look at a few considerations to consider before venturing to make us one.

Tattoos on the twin, what is so special?

Tatuajes en el Gemelo andar

As we said, the twin is a fairly common area with which to consider putting on a tattoo. What is special, however, has to do with its shape, because it is ideal for tattoos with a spherical or oval shape and of a certain size.

Another consideration to keep in mind if you dare with this area is that, if you plan to tattoo your entire leg in the future, keep in mind that the designs you consider from now on will have to adapt to the piece you wear in the cufflink.

Are tattoos on the twin painful?

Tatuajes en el Gemelo pierna

Not for nothing. On the scale of pain in tattoos, the twin is most grateful, thanks to the area in which it is located, very fleshy (just if the tattoo approaches the knee area get ready for a major lashes of pain).

Some last-minute considerations

Tatuajes en el Gemelo suelo

Finally, if you are going to dare with a tattoo on the twin, you can take into account some reminders for to heal you better, such as not tearing off the crusts, or not wearing very tight clothes during the first few weeks or the drawing could be damaged or even erased.

Tattoos on the twin are very cool, aren’t they? Tell us, do you have any tattoo on this leg area? How was your experience? Remember that you can tell us everything you want in a comment!

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