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Tattoos to remember deceased father

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Life is full of happy and sad moments. There are times that the birth of a child or a wedding is celebrated, and others when a loved one should be dismissed. In the case of losing father, the moment is really hard and hard to overcome. The bond with parents is usually very strong and many people decide to get tattooed in order to remember them for a lifetime.

Shaping on the skin a design that reminds a deceased father shows that person’s love and a bond that will last a lifetime. The truth is a very beautiful way to be able to remember a father and show unconditional love for his person.

Tattoos in honor of a deceased father

There are currently a wide variety of designs that you can tattoo when it comes to honoring your deceased father. Don’t miss out on some ideas that can help you decide:

  • Many people choose to tattoo an electrocardiogram in order to remember their deceased father. The electrocardiogram usually symbolizes love, life and hope. A good area to tattoo your electrocardiogram may be your wrist or the back of your ankle.
  • Another magnificent idea may consist of tattooing the silhouette of a father holding the hand of a boy or girl with the phrase I love you dad. It is a tattoo of great symbolism and that refers to eternal love for the deceased father. These are minimalist tattoos made in black and are perfect to capture in the forearm area.


  • There are other people who decide to have a portrait of their deceased father’s face next to his name and the date of birth and of his death. In this case the design is basic based on black and white shadows to relate the realism of such a tattoo.
  • Another idea is to put on the skin the initials R.I.P next to the name of your deceased father and an angel with open wings and put on them the date of birth and death. This is another tattoo loaded with great symbolism and meaning that will help you remember the figure of your deceased father. One of the areas of the body most used when getting this type of tattoo is the back of the neck.

As you can see, there are a lot of options when it comes to getting a tattoo, which will help to remember the figure of a deceased father. It is important that the chosen design helps you feel the great love you professed for your father.

Areas of the body you can tattoo

It is quite normal for these kinds of tattoos to be done in visible areas of the body. In this way the person can see him whenever he wants and be able to remember at all times the important figure of the father.The most used areas of the body when designing a deceased parent are usually the arms, legs, feet or hands. There are also many people who choose to get the tattoo near their heart and feel much more about their father.

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It is not easy to cope with the death of someone as close as a father. It is a difficult pain to overcome that many people decide to put it on their skin through a nice and emotional tattoo. It is something laudable for a son or daughter to opt for some type of design and translate it into the skin for a lifetime. Many people feel much better, after being able to see on their skin some element such as a portrait or a phrase, that helps to remember a father who has left this world and is no longer with them.

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