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Tattoos with lines on the arms, simple or limb

Tatuajes de Líneas en los Brazos

The Line tattoos on the arms are an option, within geometric tattoos, very varied, which can range from discreet and fine designs to others much more extreme and impressive.

In this article about line tattoos on the arms we will see these two options and how to take advantage of them so that your piece is unique.

Simple Line Tattoos

Tatuajes de Líneas en los Brazos Sencillo

If we opt for this type of tattoos of lines on the arms, there are a number of tips that we can take into account. First, if you want the lines to be thin and not too long, just stick to the wrist area, or surround the forearm with a single thin line (as if it were a bracelet).

On the other hand, if instead of surrounding the entire arm you prefer a circular line design, such as a ball, a spiral or a maze, you can choose to put it on the inside of the forearm and it will be fable.

Obviously, if you want the tattoo to be simple, you’re going to have to opt for a fine, black and white stroke.

Line tattoos on the limb arms

Tatuajes de Líneas en los Brazos Uno

Tattoos with lines can not only be delicate, they can also be intimately related to tribal tattoos and look for a more impressive and extreme effect.

If you want one of these tattoos, opt for a large design, which covers a large part of the arm, with thick lines and black, which will give it a dramatic effect. The lines can also help create a most impressive 3D effect. Also, if you want to double the effect, choose to tattoo your two arms.

We hope that this article of line tattoos on the arms you liked and helped to make a decision or get to know these geometric tattoos better. Tell us, are you wearing a tattoo like that? Do you like or do you prefer cubes? Tell us what you want, just write us a comment!

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