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Types of tattoo ink

When we are passionate about something we can search for and inform ourselves about things that sometimes would not have happened to us. Today curiosity has led me to wonder if there was more than one type of ink to perform tattoos .

And after looking for a little and prowling around various spaces on the net, the answer is yes, we found different types of inks to carry out the works of art on our skin, something that I personally did not know. You want to know a little more about all of them?

Types of tattoo ink: Vegetable ink

There are always and will be all sorts of discussions, as well as opinions, between one type of ink and another. On the one hand, we have vegetable inks, which are those that use plant-type pigments. Apparently, they were born when some tattoo artists didn’t want to work with inks that could have animal compounds. So it was they themselves who took the step of making mixtures. Of course, this process has to be regulated by law in order to be implemented. Little by little it was achieved and the vegetable ink appeared to give life to great designs.

Among its advantages, we can say that being vegetable among its compounds, being organic, there will not be such frequent problems of allergic reactions. So the body will tolerate them more easily, saying goodbye to allergies, itching, etc. But it is true that in this case, the colors may not be as flashy as in other types of inks. In addition, this means that the ink may fade a little faster than other types. On the market there are several brands that only work with 100% vegan inks.

Synthetic ink or with acrylic pigments

Metals are the main compounds of this type of inks and this is the big difference from the previous ones. Among them, lead may appear when we talk about green ink. While for the red and the one that can cause more types of problems will have mercury. Zinc is the metal used for yellow pigment and chromium also for green and blue. The most commonly used for black ink is nickel.

This is the basis of inks, but then, they have more component. Which makes in short, types of tattoo inks that are synthetic or acrylic, can give more reactions in the form of allergy. We have mentioned it and again insist that one of the most provoking it is red, since it carries more minerals. Of course, among its advantages, this type of ink has brighter finishes and the results of its colours are more intense. Like vegetable, they can discolor, but in a slower way and depending on the type of skin, which is also important.

Homologated tattoo inks in Spain

The debate has been served for years. Because many experts complained that the ink used in Spain and were approved inks, they did not have as high quality as those in the rest of Europe. Only two specific ink marks could be accessed. Since they were the ones that had ingredients that conformed to the legislation. But perhaps, they weren’t as stable as others on the market. This led many tattooists to do tattoos with European inks but were not legalized in our country.

This makes it clear that Spain has very restrictive laws with these types of products, all due to the reactions they may cause in a person. Although it will not always be the fault of the ink itself, but also on the skin and more circumstances. That is why you should always ask the tattoo artist about the marks and inks he uses, so that you can know the components and avoid all kinds of problems.

Ultraviolet Tattoo Ink

It’s another type of tattoo ink, but of course, we have to say that they are more aggressive inks than we know. So it is better to leave them in the background. Despite this and that will only highlight the design under ultraviolet light, it is true that they have been and, continue to be, great success. The other side is that they can cause allergic reactions and be more serious or quite considerable.

Ink for fluorescent tattoos

That neon design, which can only be seen as a glossy effect, is also not recommended. In fact it is not considered an approved ink. They can only be seen in the dark and in addition, the ink contains phosphorus. This is the one that can only be made visible in spaces with less light.

White ink tattoos

They couldn’t miss when we talk about the types of ink on tattoos. Because they are also seen quite often. First of all, we have to say that such ideas, always have to be made by expert people, and not only as tattooists in general, but know well the type of ink with which you work. On the other hand, tattoos with white ink usually go unnoticed, being more eye-catching on dark skin and fading away, leaving a kind of scar on other skin types.

Tattoo Ink Without Metal

When we mention tattoo ink without metal, we are again talking about vegetables. But it is true that sometimes, they are known more in this way, so we should also mention it. In which case, the pigments that provide color would be free of harmful compounds.

Everything has its pros and cons, but what is obvious is that we can decide which ink to use in the tattooing studio we go to. One more curiosity to keep in mind, especially if we have allergy problems with ease. We can not forget that we are in front of something that gets into the skin so before we puncture, we must be careful.

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