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What is jellyfish piercing

The types of piercings surprise us at times. Some know them by the name of the area where we can wear them. But in other cases, their own names also reveal us a new world among the most sounding perforations. Do you know what jellyfish piercing is?.

If you still don’t know him by his name itself, today we leave you all the data you need to know about it. Maybe after that, it can become your new piercing. Why not? To open your mouth we will tell you that it is located right on the top of the lips and always, in a very focused way.

What is jellyfish piercing

As we have just mentioned, the jellyfish piercing is the one that goes right in the upper area of the lips. We can say about him, that this is one of the perforations with a sexier result. It will go in the area or groove that bings the part of the nose with your mouth. Although it is known as jellyfish piercing, it is also called philtrum piercing.

Types of jellyfish piercing

Within this type of piercing, we can distinguish two more ideas. These are really some variants of our protagonist today.

  • Piercing Jestrum: In this case, it is also known as vertical jellyfish. More than anything, because of the position of the same. If the jellyfish was on the upper lip, it will also be seen below the upper lip.
  • Double jellyfish: If you likeupper lip piercing, you can double it. That way, you’d have two piercings left in the same area. So, you can put on an equal piece of jewellery for the two perforations or play with the colours and sizes.

Does the jellyfish piercing hurt?

Now that you know what the jellyfish piercing is and the guys you can find, I’m sure you were already waiting for the answer to this question. How much does it hurt to get such a piercing?. We do not tire of repeating that the pain will never be the same in different people. Still, it should be said that the area of the mouth and lips is usually a sensitive area. It has nerve endings, which makes us feel pain. But you don’t need to be scared. It will only last a few seconds and is quite bearable. If we were to value on a scale from one to 10, maybe we would place it between 4.75 or 5.

Care of a jellyfish piercing

Once the pain has passed, we have to take care of our piercing. That way we will avoid infections and heal sooner than we can think. It can be said that for complete healing, we must wait about six weeks. At first you may notice some discomfort at mealtime. That is why you will have to eat slower. The wound can be washed with a neutral soap. In addition, we should also not neglect the routine of our mouth and teeth in general. Remember that after cleaning teeth, it is always convenient to finish the routine with a rinse. But it does not contain alcohol.

Also, you can always avoid salty meals, while you have the wound. Similarly it is advised not to smoke or drink alcohol. Although we already know that bad vices are not advised either with piercing or without it. Avoid creams or makeup during the first few weeks. Of course, it may also happen that you get a little inflamed in the first few days, or notice the reddened area. With any added problems, it is always better to consult with your doctor.

What is the price of jellyfish piercing?

We also know that the price of piercings may vary from place to place. Still, round 16 euros, without placing the jewel. Because this also, depending on the material in which it is made, it may vary its price. Would you opt for a piercing like that?

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