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Why does my piercing not heal

Why doesn’t my piercing heal?. I’m sure it’s one of the questions you’ve asked yourself most times. Well, today we have the best answer to try to calm the mood. Certainly, we all know that a piercing is a piercing in the skin. As such, it needs a lot of care and at the same time, another as much patience.

It is a wound that has its healing time, so healing counts several stages. Each and every one of them needs our utmost care. Still, not all areas heal at the same time, but depending on where you do your piercing this will be the time you need to enjoy it. Find out!

Stages of healing a piercing

  • The first stage of healing is the part where our piercing is freshly made. The first few days it is normal to see how it becomes inflamed and how it hurts the area where we take it. Something of the most common, since as we have said, it is a wound that is freshly made. Such a wound in addition to inflammation can also bleed a little.
  • The second phase begins when the body prepares to get a response. That is, start the healing process. It’s the most important part because it’s going to be here where we make everything go better or worse. If we follow the steps indicated sure that the healing will be given in the correct way and without major problems.

  • The third phase of healing is the fastest because the path is almost done and you only need a small pushed so that the wound is completely closed. To do this, the new cells will be responsible for taking the final step for a full recovery.

Why does my piercing not heal

Knowing now that the body needs three phases to be able to return to normal, we may already understand a little better why my piercing doesn’t heal. It needs considerable time to recover. Just as long as we do the cleanliness and the right treatment towards our new piercing. This will undoubtedly make things a lot easier. In addition to being a piercing, it also has as additions a new piece in the form of a slope. Something that can make the process difficult because you may find external agents that prevent it.

How long does it take to heal a piercing?

Healing a piercing is not something that happens overnight. I’m sure if you have one for your body, you’ll know what I’m talking about. But in case you’re thinking about making yourself a new one, we’re going to leave you the data that, roughly, will help you get an idea.

  • Ear lobe or tongue piercing: Both inone place or in the other, it is said that this type of piercing will take you about 4 to 6 weeks to heal.
  • Eyebrow or nasal septum: In this case, 6 to 10 weeks for healing to complete. But we always say that they are approximate times, because not always all bodies respond equally.
  • Nose, nipple, lipsor ear cartilage: You can say that we would be talking about 3 months to 9 months.
  • Belly button piercing: Here we will count about 8 months, approximately. Most of all because it is an area where we can rub a lot, sweat and clothes won’t help us.

So, to generalize, when we ask some expert about the healing of a piercing can tell us that until the year it will not be completely healthy. This is because it is always better to take care of him a little longer, even if we think he is already totally healthy.

Tips to help heal a piercing

There’s no magic formula to help us. But we can make the process go aft wind. The key to this is the cleanliness of our piercing. You must follow the directions that the expert has given you. Still, it is not too much that you wash the area a couple of times with neutral soap and help yourself from the serum to clean well. Do not use any kind of cream or other products that may irritate.

It is both bad not to wash it and to wash it too much. You always have to balance the options. Remember to wash your hands thoroughly before proceeding and avoid touching the area as best as possible. Until you have healed, forget about swimming pools and even take a relaxing bath because bacteria can harm you. Now you know the answer to the question why my piercing does not heal. After all these tips, we only have the last to give you: Be patient!

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