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Wings tattoos on the neck: collection of designs

Do you like wings tattoos? If you are attracted and captivated by this type of designs we invite you to continue reading this article as it will surely be of interest to you. If you follow the world of body art closely you will surely have seen stunning wings tattoos on your back. Oversized designs completely cover the entire back and simulate the wings of an angel.

It is undeniable how impressive these tattoos are however, this time we want to opt for one of their less striking variants. It’s about the wings tattoos on the neck. More and more people are encouraged to tattooed one or two wings on their neck. And it is that they have quite a lot of advantages over “traditional” wings tattoos. The first of them is that they can be quite discreet.

Even though a tattoo on the neck may be very visible. If we find the right place and “play” with your hair we can easily hide or hide it, even in summer. Just take a look at the gallery of wings tattoos on the neck that accompanies this article to take ideas about it. Still, there are always those who prefer to opt for a tattoo of considerable dimensions on the neck. The result? A tattoo visible hundreds of meters away.

You need to take into account the advantages and disadvantages of tattooing your neck. And it is not a part of the body in which anyone should mark their skin. Despite the advances that have been made on the path of normalization of tattoo art, there are still places and social spheres where they are not very well seen. As you might say about tattoos on the hands, tattoos on the neck are not for everyone.

And what about its meaning? The truth is that wings tattoos on the neck mean and symbolize the same as other types of winged tattoos. They are related to imagination and soul. While for some people it is associated with “letting imagination fly”, for others it has a more religious meaning and blame it with their own soul which, one day, will leave your body and will need these wings to reach the afterlife.

Photos of Wings in the Neck Tattoos

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